Where do we meet?

Every SUCCESSFUL PARTNERSHIP requires trust, comfortableness, mutual respect and equality.

One expression of partnership is to mutually agree on the right venue (Established during the initial consultation).

The RIGHT LOCATION is a hospitable environment for learning and partnering where the client feels safe enough to let their guard down and just be their normal, natural selves. That way, they can speak about the core issues that need to be addressed and can receive the real support and guidance they're looking for to move forward.

Therefore, the RIGHT LOCATION isn't defined in geographical terms but conditions. It should be:


It must be a location that is convenient for all members of The EP3.dk Partnership.


It should be comfortable for all. Therefore, it should be as casual as possible and neutral as possible. I believe a neutral venue is the best option, one that does not favor one party over the other.


Apart from convenience (time cost), it needs to be efficient as possible. That means the lower the cost to both the better. As a financial commitment to my clients, I do not have an office and therefore do not have any of the overhead costs associated with one. It also greatly increases my mobility.


Lastly, it needs to be appropriate to the engagement. The location itself may be critical to the issue and meeting in a café or bar may not provide the level of privacy needed in discussing confidential information. And of course, an appropriate venue is determined by the number of attendees.