If you’ve had a look around the website, you might've seen the metaphor of fishing when distinguishing between a coach and a consultant. TRAINING employs the same philosophy. I've intentionally avoided the ‘expert’ consultant (i.e. teaching) model of delivering knowledge-based programming (giving a fish) in favor of skills/competency-based performance (teaching to fish).

Knowledge-based learning

The approach is designed to enable the learner to process and/or produce facts, information, processes and other knowledge. However, the majority of knowledge-based training falls short of this goal due to poor learner engagement. For example, if the learner is focused more on completing the training than actively attempting to assimilate the content, the impact will be minimal.

Skill/Competency-based learning

Our alternative approach focuses on developing and applying specific skills and behaviors. Learners spend the majority of their training engaged in hands-on reflective practice in both controlled environments and real-life scenarios. The ultimate objective of skills/competency-based training is to not only enable the learner to acquire proficiency in the skill, but have the confidence to competently apply it independently.