Simple calculations to help you decide

Before partnering with, you will need to consider your available resources.

A simple calculation

The best way to decide is to approach it as a math problem.

You (individually and corporately) are already spending a certain amount of time (T ) and money (M ) every week without coaching, external consulting, and training, living and meeting your goals however you have learned to do that. Let’s call that amount (X ).

Now a partnership will cost you a certain amount of money (M ) and a certain investment of time (T ). Let’s call that amount (Y ).

So how do you determine if partnering with us is worth the time (T ) and money (M )? Well, very simply, we subtract (Y ) from (X ) to find (Z ); the savings or extra expense. If the result is positive then you’ve save. If it’s negative, then you need to consider another option. Even if the amount is 1 (hour saved or dollar saved), you will have gotten value for money.

(Time ) + (Money ) = (X ) Spent on meeting your goals now

(Time ) + (Money ) = (Y ) Spent on coaching

(X ) – (Y ) = (Z ) Profit/loss from an Partnership

Doing what you do now, may not appear as an opportunity cost while coaching has a clear price.

But that isn’t entirely accurate. We use strategies we have learned to get things done. For instance, we have a way of organizing our time in the morning, or a way to lose weight, to meet someone new, or to try to find a job. Often, we haven’t given a lot of thought to these strategies. Rather, we’ve adopted them in an ad-hoc manner. This is where we can lose both time and money.

Time Cost

If we are using a strategy to accomplish a task, that is taking more time than it should, we are losing time.

It might be only a matter of staying up an hour later every night, or three months longer to get a new job, or six months of dieting, but shifting our time use, by even as little as one hour a day, can have an extraordinary cumulative effect. In the course of a year, one hour a day is almost ten weeks or 2½ months of full-time work. Even as little as 30 minutes a day is still more than a month.

Lost time = Lost money

Time is money. But what does that really mean?

The financial cost of losing one hour a day of efficiency is also a simple calculation. Multiply your hours lost by your hourly rate and you will see the real cost. Additionally, if we are pressed for time, we tend to be more impulsive and treat ourselves for the stress and aggravation. We tend to order more convenience or prepared foods, which ends up costing us much more in the long run. Or if we are taking longer than we wanted to lose that weight, we might be tempted to buy all sorts of “get thin fast” pills, books and programs, which only reduce our wallet. And of course if we take an extra three months job searching, we have lost out on a good three months of income.

If the time and money we would invest when we have a coach or consultant working with us (to tailor our own, more effective strategies) is less than the time and money we spend on the strategies we currently use, then we have come out on top.

Even one hour or one dollar less is a savings.

Additional savings

Tax deductible?

Hiring an external coach or consultant on issues that help you attain business and career goals may be tax deductible. Check with your accountant or tax advisor for more information.