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The PURE Series
(Specific skills-focused topics and proficiency levels)

As the name implies, the EP3.dk PURE series is just that, a simple, succinct, learner-focused approach to individual skills/competencies that are valued in both our professional and personal lives. In developing these courses, I realized that most clients have a measurable competency in a given skill and that their training should be directed at their level. After all, what's the point of participating in a course that focuses on a competence level that is below, or too far above?

If you'd like more information or want to see a sample lesson/topic, feel free to contact me.

PURE Spoken

    • Pronunciation
    • Presentation 1 – Foundational
    • Presentation 2 – Advanced
    • Presentation SClient-selected SPECIAL training/topics

PURE Written

    • Writing 1 – Foundational
    • Writing 2 – Intermediate
    • Writing BClient-selected BUSINESS training/topics
    • Writing RClient-selected RESEARCH training/topics
    • Writing CClient-selected CREATIVE and CONTENT training/topics
    • Grammar 1 – Foundational
    • Grammar 2 – Intermediate
    • Grammar SClient-selected SPECIAL training/topics

PURE Employment (for the individual)

    • Pre-interview – Job search, advertisement analysis, resume tweaking, motivation letters, and pre-interview contact
    • Interview – Nuts-and-bolts and practice
    • Office – Communication, culture, interpersonal and intrapersonal skills, etc.
    • Networking – Networking is not limited to professional networking
    • Social Media – Promoting yourself in the 21st century (i.e. using the internet and social media in your personal Marketing Action Plan - MAP)

PURE Business (for companies and company repesentatives)

    • Networking
    • Interviewing – Hiring policies, methods, and skills
    • Office – Developing interpersonal communication, culture, etc.
    • Social Media – Developing, implementing, and asessing the company's social media and internet Marketing Action Plan - MAP

PURE Learning

    • Test – Test preparation
    • Study – designed to learn and/or improve study skills

(A combination of situationally-specific skills/competencies)

The EP3.dk INTENSIVES are designed to deliver a powerful, concentrated experience combining either a number of discrete skills in one area or developing a single skill across a number of different areas. They were developed from client interest and are by nature, time restricted, meet frequently and demand a considerable effort, commitment, and contribution by all participants.

OCP Intensive

      OCP is a skills-based program that utilizes the Organizational Cognitive Process Model (OCP) of communication. This model is an elegantly-designed (simple yet surprisingly effective), succinct method that can be employed in every area of written and spoken communication such as research writing, projects, and proposals, as well as interviews, presentations, and networking events.


      JOB SEEKING focuses on all the skills necessary in finding a job. Some of the obvious instructional topics are resume tweaking, job search, analysis and application, all the areas of the spoken communication process, but also discovering, developing, and expressing your own interests, goals and career plan. Ample time and resources are provided for a meaningful, hands-on experience in each functional area.


      COMPANY CONNECTIONS focuses on some of the connections a company makes to their external environment (i.e. hiring, networking, and social media) and has been developed specifically for the institutional/organizational client. Following a descriptive introduction with several actionable questions for each topic, we use the EP3.dk D7 planning process to explore and then redevelop a fictional company’s hiring, networking and social media policies and methods. As with other courses, ample time and resources are provided for a meaningful, hands-on experience in each of the three focus areas.

Textbook Courses
(Built upon a reliably-proven textbook-based curriculum and pacing guide)

All textbook-based courses are 12 weeks in length (1 unit, lesson, or session per week) unless otherwise specified. Listed Cambridge University Press resources (course name) will be used but additional resources are suggested and can be purchased via the publisher's website link.

Business Skills NON TESTED
Cambridge Business Skills series

    • Dynamic Presentations (10 units/12 sessions; CEF Level: B1 Pre-Intermediate - C2 High Advanced)
    • Writing for Impact (27 sessions pro-rated; CEF Level: B2 Upper Intermediate - C1 Advanced)
    • English for Business Communication (NOT FOR TEST PREP - 15 units/+ 12 sessions pro-rated; CEF Level: B1 Pre-Intermediate - B2 Upper Intermediate)
    • English for Job-hunting (6 units/12 sessions; CED Level: B2 Upper Intermediate - C1 Advanced)
    • Communicating Across Cultures (12 units; CEF Level: B1 Pre-Intermediate - B2 Upper Intermediate)

CAE/CPE Preparation
Preparation for the Advanced English or Proficiency in English CertificationsINDIVIDUAL TUTORING ONLY

    • Complete CAE (for CAE prep - 14 units; + 20 sessions pro-rated)
    • Objective Proficiency (for CPE prep - 20 units; + 20 sessions pro-rated)

IELTS Preparation
International English Language Testing System (CEF Level) – INDIVIDUAL TUTORING ONLY

    • Level 1 – Complete IELTS Bands 4-5 (10 units/12 sessions)
    • Level 2 – Complete IELTS Bands 5-6.5 (8 units/12 sessions)
    • Level 3 – Complete IELTS Bands 6.5-7.5 (8 units/12 sessions)

BEC Preparation
Business English Certificate (CEF Level - 24 units/2 semesters) – INDIVIDUAL TUTORING ONLY

    • Level 1 (B1) – NOT AVAILABLE (BEC Preliminary)
    • Level 2 (B2) – Business Benchmark (Upper Intermediate - Vantage)
    • Level 3 (C1) – Business Benchmark (Advanced - Higher)

BULATS Preparation
Business Language Testing Service (CEF Level - 24 units/2 semesters) – INDIVIDUAL TUTORING ONLY

    • Level 1 (B1 or less) – Business Benchmark (Pre-intermediate to Intermediate)
    • Level 2 (B2) – Business Benchmark (Upper Intermediate)
    • Level 3 (C1-C2) – Business Benchmark (Advanced to High Advanced)

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