Foundational Principles of TRAINING

  1. The training needed to adhere to the Guiding Principles. For example, I believe that everything need to be supported by research (research-based) and proven by experience (evidence-supported).

  2. Just like earning a merit badge, the skills/competency-based courses were designed to teach skills that should be able to be developed independently (without instructional support) and are transferable/useable in different situations and for different purposes.

  3. The training must guarantee that when a client completes a particular course, she's able TO DO something better than when she started.

  4. Whether the client has no experience, some experience, or a lot of experience, the courses must take current (PRESENT orientation) knowledge, understanding, and wisdom (practical application/expression of understanding) and measureably improve them (PROGRESS orientation). A client’s measured improvement begins with a pre-assessment of the skills for the class.

  5. Every completed skill-based training program must provide measureable results
    (qualitative not quantitative – situated practice not a multiple-choice or short-answer exam).


    • If you're in the middle of PURE Presentation 1 – Foundational

      Are you able to succinctly (clearly, concisely, and precisely) answer EVERY possible question asked during an interview (without memorizing answers)?

    • If you've finished PURE Presentation 1 – Foundational

      Are you able to tell someone you've just met at a networking event, what you do, what you value, and/or what you goals in a way that sparks their interest without wasting time or words?

    • If you're halfway through PURE Presentation 2 – Advanced

      Can you efficiently develop and then effectively deliver an IMCSAdefIMCSA is a 5-level filter for both written and spoken communication
      (from's COMMUNEuhK8 – 8 Precision Power Tools for more Effective Communication)
      5-minute presentation within a given time restriction (say less than 15 minutes prep time)?