Coaching options

Corporate/Organizational Coaching

Corporate/business/organizational coaching uses a coaching model (as opposed to a consulting model) and supports the client (usually a team or group) by focusing on the greater team and/or organizational interactions and culture in order to improve business performance and operational effectiveness and efficiency.

Corporate coaching uses many of the same principles, tools, strategies/methods found in business consulting but the emphasis is on the personality (culture) of the company (i.e. the practical expression of the core values, code of ethics, and code of conduct) and is 100% developed and driven by the client (see Why I use a coaching approach).

Professional (career) Coaching

Professional, or career coaching, is a strategic service that people can use and employers can rely on when work performance, career transition, personal conduct in the workplace and/or culture fit becomes an issue. It encourages people to seek career assistance early to prevent small problems from getting out of hand and creating greater barriers to success. Lastly, it is an unbiased (as opposed to an internal career counselor) partnership focused on assessing a client’s professional talents (skills) and assist them in making critical decisions about career choice, development, and direction.

Career coaches can do one or more of the following

  • Administer and interpret assessments and inventories to asses work values, interests, skills and competencies,

  • Identify alternative internal career options for people in transition that capitalize on individual knowledge, skill and ability profiles,

  • Develop specific career paths with experience, knowledge, abilities, and skills defined,

  • Help overcome issues such as lack of self-confidence, poor self-discipline and fear of success/failure,

  • Create career development plans to help employees grow and learn,

  • Maximize person-job-organizational fit and help kick-start a stagnant career,

  • Explore and prepare employees for internal job searches, including resume preparation, in-house interviewing and networking,

  • Identify and cultivate internal mentor and career advisor networks for personal career development,

  • Provide unbiased, objective career counseling, intervention/mediation/ facilitation for people experiencing job stress, job loss or transition during corporate reorganizations, mergers or downsizing,

  • Teach internal career advisors and mentors how to be more effective in guiding employee career development

  • Facilitate employee training and development initiatives

  • Manage outplacement strategies during times of transition

Personal (not Life) Coaching

Personal coaching is a collaborative, research-based, evidence-driven, results-oriented, systematic process in which the coach facilitates client self-awareness and self-directed learning and personal growth. I distinguish personal coaching from life coaching because life coaching often has a more spiritual, psychological, or inner game focus.

Personal coaching focuses on the actions, behaviors, and habits that impact the ‘visual’ components of the client's life.*

Personal coaches help clients to

  • Develop healthy habits that influence multiple areas of their lives,

  • Improve self-confidence and self-image through action and behavioral patterns,

  • Improve their time and resource management such as work/life balance,

  • Improve relationships, interpersonal and communication skills,

  • Learn how to progress towards their future instead of wait for it to come,

  • Exist in the present while letting go of past limitations.

I help YOU focus on doing and my questions begin with What and How and not Why.

* I am not a qualified psychiatrist, psychologist, therapist, or counselor and cannot, in good conscious, focus on the psychological or physiological mechanisms behind your actions, behaviors, and habits (even though some coaches do).