Who is EP3.dk?

EP3.dk is located in central Copenhagen (Denmark) and supports

• Individuals with career growth analysis , planning, and execution
• Institutions with assymetrical strategy development and implementation for atypical BUSINESS situations, and
Skills-based training for both individuals and institutions

The company grew from discussions with key advisors from several industries which in turn, produced EP3.dk's reliable, research-supported, and evidence-based principles, guidelines and practices.


I partner with institutional and individual clients to determine, discover, define, design, develop, and deploy an elegant plan for excellence built on a simple yet surprisingly effective strategy of consistent habits and reliable skills.


I help my clients succeed by providing strategy consulting, corporate, professional and personal coaching, and skills-based training. I employ a coaching model of partnering with clients because I can never know as much as my clients about their situation. My research-supported and results-driven methodology is always tailored-made by my clients to fit their needs.


My success is measured by my clients’ effectiveness in employing the strategies, behaviors, and tools that they have developed with us. My clients are achieving their goals and evolving and growing into their futures. My clients are progressing from their present, with an outward and growth orientation, while simultaneously developing powerful connections with others, their communities, and their environments.

What we value

Practice – Operational Core Values

  • Accountability
    I acknowledge and assume responsibility for my actions, products, decisions, and policies. This is applicable to both future employees acting individually and the company as a whole.
  • Balance
    I take a proactive stand to create and maintain a healthy work-life balance and whenever possible and/or appropriate my clients, advisors and partners.
  • Commitment
    I am committed to continually designing, developing, delivering the best products, services, and other initiatives that impact lives within and outside our organization.
  • Community
    EP3.dk is committed to an active, tangible contribution to society and demonstrates internal and external corporate social responsibility in all actions, products, decisions, and policies.
  • Diversity
    I embrace visible and invisible differences (diverse backgrounds, experiences and perspectives) and value the richness and variety of ideas and approaches that result from these differences. I actively encourage diversity both internally and as advice to my clients through directed talent selection, purposeful training, and nurturing an inclusive environment. I actively endorse and participate in community efforts towards diversity.
  • Empowerment
    I encourage employees and clients to always be proactive, be the first to take the initiative, and give only the best in every circumstance. I believe that an error-embracing environment empowers employees to lead and independently make decisions, thereby contributing to the health and long-term growth of themselves and their companies.
  • Innovation
    I ruthlessly pursue and encourage new creative ideas that have the potential to change the world. When presented, they must be research-supported, practically-focused, and results-driven.
  • Integrity
    I will always act with the highest level of honesty and honor and will never compromise the truth.
  • Ownership
    I expect all employees (future and clients) to care for the company and their customers as if they were a functional, supportive, nurturing family.
  • Safety
    I will work diligently to ensure the health and safety of employees and clients and commits to going beyond all legal workplace requirements.

Partnership – Relational Core Values

EP3.dk is relational in operations and considers all internal and external interactions as a partnership. Therefore, The EP3.dk Partnership’s core values are similar to values that guide ethical relationships more so than business ethics.
  • Chemistry
    A good partnership, like a good relationship, requires a genuine connection. When you find the right partner, it will just “feel” right. I stress “using your intuition” and “trusting your gut,” and that there must be “chemistry.” I believe a client needs to walk away from the initial meeting with a good feeling.
  • Trust and Comfortableness
    I believe that clients need to feel safe enough to let their guard down and just be their normal, natural selves. That way, they can speak about any of the core issues that need to be addressed and I can provide the real support and guidance they need to move forward.
  • Confidentiality
    The client and other stakeholders must be able to open up and share information with me without fear that that information will be shared inappropriately or without their approval. Because each partnership is unique, it is vital for all partners to develop a formal, written confidentiality agreement, with mutually-agreed terms before the partnership begins. This agreement specifies how information is shared, in which circumstances, with whom, and by what means. The agreement helps all partners remain sensitive to confidentiality issues from each other’s perspectives. Because of my extreme commitment to client confidentiality, I will never have publically-available client lists, recommendations, and/or testimonies.
  • Health
    I view both individuals and institutions as living beings and approach my client partnerships with an absolute commitment to their health and overall well-being. I will not continue working with companies or individuals who suffer to the point of dysfunctionality. Additionally, I play an active role in supporting my clients’ efforts to improve their health and well-being, be it financial, organizational, physical, or social.
  • Communication
    I believe that communication is an essential part of a healthy partnership. Openness, clarity, stability, respect, and listening are some important characteristics of effective communication. Additionally, as best as is possible, all communication will be action-oriented, growth-oriented, planned (intentional), well-prepared, client-focused, structured, optimistic and positive. When working with clients, I am 100% present and 100% focused on their needs.
  • Integrity and reliability
    Reliability (DEF.) is the ability of a person or system to perform and maintain its functions in routine circumstances, as well as hostile or unexpected circumstances. Integrity (DEF.) is consistency between actions, values, methods, measures and principles. I will endeavor to always operate with both reliability and integrity.
  • Duty of care
    “The possession of great power necessarily implies great responsibility.” ~ William Lamb (1817)

    In law, duty of care is a legal obligation imposed on an individual requiring adherence to a standard of reasonable care while performing any acts that could foreseeably harm others. I maintain a duty-of-care approach in conduct because coaching, training, and strategy consulting can be extraordinarily powerful tools when paired with other development programs.

    I have implemented the following multi-factor test as a standard that governs my relationships. I will not engage in any activity or any partnership where
    • There is foreseeable harm or injury to individuals or institutions
    • The importance or social value of the activity engaged in is adversely changed or influenced by the conduct
    • The usefulness of the conduct is questionable or unethical (regardless of legal status)
    • A feasible alternative conduct is more appropriate or ethical (regardless of legal status)
    • The costs and burdens associated with the conduct are unreasonable (as determined by all stakeholders prior to conduct engagement)
    • The relative usefulness of an alternative conduct is reasonably and readily available, and
    • The relative safety of an alternative conduct is measurably higher.